Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More on Adjoovo

Adjoovo has been inspired by experience gained over the last few years heading up Sun's ESB product line and working for early SOA pioneers SeeBeyond (who were acquired by Sun and are now sadly lost in the mists of time).

The basic concept behind Adjoovo is simple and relates to knowledge sharing and collaboration. It's hard to be efficient in software development when team size grows beyond N. You get to choose N based on a number of factors, mainly your experience and how good your team is at staying in close touch and communicating. For most enterprises N is very small and it makes very little difference how much money you have as the value of N doesn't respond well to throwing bodies at it. By that I mean N is not a function of headcount but how well those heads work together.

Our first product (Adjoovo Spaces) allows organizations to grow the size of N thereby increasing the value of output they get from a set number of folks. We do this by providing an integrated knowledge warehouse, registry and collaboration framework that collects information about a project and allows folks to better discover, enrich the knowledge base and work together.

We have chosen service-oriented initiatives as our target segment. Not because we feel this is the only segment that will benefit but because experience has demonstrated just how much of a benefit improved knowledge sharing will have in this domain. One key reason for this pressing need is the sheer amount of technical artifacts that make up service-oriented projects, the often complex relationships and the difficulties associated with managing them effectively.

Adjoovo is derived from the Latin word adiuvo: to help, to aid, to assist. Our product assists teams that are embarking on service-initiatives. The proposition being helping you collate your service metadata (or mine it if you have "lost" it), link it together, providing greater visibility of it to your team, promoting re-use of services, and allowing them to enrich the value of the knowledge base. In turn, using this knowledge allows folks to be more productive, build simpler services and processes, and in the end delivers a more agile service layer in a shorter time. There are other benefits around the business risk reduction that a organization will gain as well, to some that is more important that building better solutions more quickly.

So that is what Adjoovo is about, the community version of the product that soon follows will be available for free and I am sure you will be able to get value from it. For now back to getting that release ready, building the website, etc, etc.

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