Tuesday, 1 September 2009

DTD parser solved...

After I wrote the previous entry, one of my ex-colleagues pinged my to point me in the direction of Oracles XML package. A quick look at the web site shows that it probably has everything I needed except one thing ... a compatible license. So I had to continue on to write my own which I have now completed!

The 0.1 version of it is running now in my development environment and I am feeling pretty okay about it. Not too bulky and quite fast. I must admit that until now I was blissfully unaware of the intracasies of DTD files. My parser is a schema metadata extraction tool, not a validating instance parser. I have used that fact to cut a few corners in my implementation.

Now of to look at Jersey ....

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  1. Hi Bill,

    I think any JAXB implementation should contain a DTD parsing mechanism. For example JaxMe (http://ws.apache.org/jaxme/) has one:


    I guess the Sun JAXB implementation must have one as well, but I think the Apache License is more suitable for commercial usage than the GPL.