Thursday, 22 October 2009

Adjoovo Spaces Community release v1.1.2

Adjoovo is pleased to announce a new, free-to-use community release of its integrated registry and repository offering. Adjoovo Spaces is a web-based application built on open standards that evolves the traditional concept of a metadata registry to make it possible to extract and store detailed information and relationships from a variety of different technical artifacts in logical groups, or 'spaces'.

The Adjoovo Spaces registry enables developers, architects, business analysts, compliance groups and other knowledge workers to maximise their participation and productivity in development projects by allowing them to quickly search, explore, share and annotate the artifacts and important services that they expose. The rich context-sensitive views, tag clouds, summary displays, dependency graph analysis tools and built-in wiki capabilities collectively provide unparalleled degrees of visibility, all within a single runtime environment.

Spaces includes an extensible set of adapters to import and discover the applications, services, resources, message formats and potentially complex relationships exposed from a collection of artifacts and sources.

The latest release offers a revamped WADL tree-view for REST developers, new summary views and one-click web import capability along with several enhancements for developers and architects of SOA/ESB and REST-based solutions who are looking to understand, analyse, document and share information about complex integration projects containing WSDL/WADL/XSDs, BPEL processes, JavaSE, JavaEE, Spring, SCA and JBI composite applications.

Adjoovo is confident that Spaces can provide immediate insights and benefits to your development project at any stage of its lifecycle. To learn more, try the free-to-use community download, available today at:

Adjoovo Spaces comes with a simple warning - continued use will fill the visibility void in your development project.

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